5 Things to Never Say in a Job Interview

In today’s competitive job market, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes during a job interview that could potentially cost you the opportunity. Don Georgevich, a job interview expert, shares five things you should never say in a job interview in his YouTube video, “5 Dangerous Things to Avoid Saying In a Job Interview.” In this blog post, we will summarize these crucial points to help you ace your next interview.

1. Don’t talk bad about your previous company or boss

Even if you didn’t enjoy your previous job or had issues with your boss, it’s essential to keep this information to yourself during a job interview. Speaking negatively about your past experiences will only make you appear unprofessional and may lead the interviewer to think you’ll have similar issues with their company.

Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your previous job, and emphasize that you’re looking for new opportunities and growth.

2. Avoid expressing desperation

While it’s normal to want a job, showing desperation in an interview can come across as unprofessional. Don’t say that you’ll do “anything” or “whatever it takes.” Instead, be specific about the value you can bring to the company and the skills you have that make you the right fit for the position.

3. Don’t use clichés

When describing your skills and experiences, avoid clichés like “self-starter,” “quick learner,” or “results-oriented.” Instead, provide concrete examples of how you have demonstrated these qualities in the past. Showcasing your accomplishments will make a stronger impression on the interviewer.

4. Never say you don’t know something

When faced with a question you don’t know the answer to, don’t simply say, “I don’t know.” Instead, take a moment to think and try to connect the question to something you have experienced or know about. This will show the interviewer that you have a basic understanding and the ability to think critically.

5. Don’t ask what the company does

Asking about the company’s function or purpose during the interview shows a lack of preparation and research. Before attending any interview, make sure to research the company, its values, and its products or services. This will help you ask more insightful questions and demonstrate your genuine interest in the position.


By avoiding these five dangerous statements during a job interview, you’ll be better positioned to make a great impression on the interviewer. Remember to stay positive, be specific about your skills and accomplishments, and always come prepared with knowledge about the company. Good luck in your next interview!

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