Data Scientist

Definition of Data Scientist

Data Scientist: A data scientist is a professional who extracts knowledge and insights from data in order to solve problems.

What does a Data Scientist do?

A Data Scientist is a professional who specializes in using extensive scientific, mathematical and computer programming knowledge to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of data. They use various methods such as predictive analytics, machine learning and statistical analysis to analyze the data and develop insight-based solutions for various organizations. Data Scientists are able to uncover patterns, trends and correlations in large datasets that may otherwise remain hidden. Furthermore, they are responsible for presenting their findings to stakeholders in a way that’s easily understandable, with the goal of helping to improve decision-making and generate actionable items.

While Data Scientists must possess an array of technical skills such as coding languages like Python or R, they must also be creative problem solvers who can think outside the box when it comes to finding solutions. In addition to being adept at analyzing raw data, Data Scientists should have strong communication skills so that they can effectively communicate their findings — both verbally and in written reports — in order to influence business outcomes. Moreover, because the world of big data is constantly evolving, it’s important for Data Scientist’s to keep up with advances in technology by staying abreast of new trends, tools and processes available to them.

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