Master the Art of Requirements Gathering for Your Salesforce.com Project with Our 5 Free Downloadable Templates


Requirements gathering is a bit of an art and a science. You are never going to be done learning techniques to do things better. The success of any Salesforce.com project depends heavily on the quality of requirements gathering. To help you get started with this crucial aspect, we offer five free downloadable templates that will guide you through the process, ensuring that your Salesforce.com project starts on the right foot and stays on track.

Project Planning Consideration Template:

This comprehensive Word document helps you plan your Salesforce.com project by providing sections to write the high-level goals, list all stakeholders, outline key deliverables, define success metrics, set deadlines, and establish priority levels. By thoroughly completing this template, you ensure that all aspects of your project are well thought out and documented before the project begins.

Project Goals Template:

This Word document provides a list of questions to better understand all project goals. Questions include: What are the goals and objectives of this project? What problem are we trying to solve? What issue is the business facing, and why is it a problem? What would happen to the business if we do not solve this problem? Who is experiencing the problem? Who is affected by the problem? Is there a workaround in place? These questions help you uncover the real problems at hand and align your project goals accordingly.

Identifying Project Stakeholders Template:

This Word document offers guiding questions to help you identify all the stakeholders involved in your Salesforce.com project. Questions include: Who is involved in the project? Who requested the project/change to the system? Who is experiencing the problem? Who is affected by the problem? By answering these questions, you will gain a clear understanding of the various individuals and groups with a vested interest in the project’s success.

Key Deliverables

This Word document provides a template to ask each stakeholder, “What would you need to have at the end of this project, that you don’t already have today, in order for you to be happy with the project outcome?” By doing this, you ensure that the project’s key deliverables are well-defined, and that they meet the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

Expectations Tracker

This PowerPoint slide allows users to place virtual post-it notes on the expectations tracker to represent each of the project’s expectations. Throughout the project, the expectations can be tracked as being Not Met, Partially Met, or Fully Met. This simple but effective tool helps you manage stakeholder expectations and maintain transparency.


Effective requirements gathering is the foundation of a successful Salesforce.com project. With our five free downloadable templates, you can confidently navigate this process and ensure your project is well-planned and executed. From planning considerations to defining goals, identifying stakeholders, outlining key deliverables, and tracking expectations, these templates have you covered. Download them today and embark on a successful Salesforce.com project journey!

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