Revolutionizing Data Analysis: Microsoft Incorporates Python into Excel

Microsoft has marked a significant evolution in Excel’s analytical capabilities, integrating Python natively to offer a seamless amalgamation of flexibility and power. This integration facilitates a user-friendly interface allowing analysts to implement Python computations and visualizations directly within Excel workbooks. Python in Excel is now available to Enterprise, Business, Education, and Personal users running Beta Channel on Windows, with the build 16.0.16818.20000.

The Collaboration of Giants

This initiative showcases a revolutionary collaboration between Microsoft and Anaconda, a leading enterprise Python repository renowned globally. Anaconda CEO, Peter Wang, expressed his excitement, emphasizing the transformative impact this integration will have, enhancing workflows for millions of Excel users globally. Python’s creator, Guido van Rossum, also commended this tight integration and anticipates innovative uses arising from this collaboration.

The Best of Both Worlds

Python in Excel allows users to run Python directly in cells, simplifying the processes of data cleaning, visualization, machine learning, and predictive analytics. This feature enables the implementation of Python’s renowned libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, scikit-learn, and statsmodels directly in Excel, offering the potential for advanced visualizations and analytics like regression analysis, and time series modeling, to a broader audience.

Python in Excel is synonymous with efficiency and power, allowing users to aggregate, visualize, clean data, and build machine learning models. Users can also create DataFrames with a few simple clicks, tap into advanced visualizations, and optimize data cleaning techniques, all within the confines of Excel.

Enhanced User Experience and Security

Python calculations run securely on the Microsoft Cloud, eliminating setup requirements, ensuring enterprise-level security and compliance. This initiative emphasizes Microsoft’s commitment to privacy, isolating Python code in a hypervisor and preventing it from accessing user identity. Moreover, the feature ensures secure data sharing and collaboration via tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.

Users can share Python in Excel workbooks with confidence, interact with, and refresh analytics without the need for additional installations or management of libraries and dependencies. Python in Excel also reflects Microsoft’s deep commitment to Python, manifesting the close partnership across multiple Microsoft teams to make Python more accessible to everyone.

End-To-End Solutions and Advanced Analytics

The integration allows users to build end-to-end solutions, leveraging Excel’s built-in connectors and Power Query to bring external data into Python in Excel workflows. It also offers advanced analytics and insights into financials with Python enhancing the Excel experience and providing transparency and simplicity.

Python in Excel paves the way for innovative solutions in data analysis and visualization, opening up avenues for millions of users to leverage Python’s capabilities in data science. Some companies have already started experiencing the transformational power of Python in Excel, optimizing their reporting workflows, enhancing student access to Excel tools, and delivering advanced cloud-based tax technologies.


Python in Excel marks a groundbreaking advancement in data analysis, offering a user-friendly and efficient platform for data scientists and Excel users to collaborate and innovate. It not only elevates the analytical prowess of Excel but also broadens the horizons for Python, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

This feature is gradually rolling out, promising to introduce more capabilities, improved editing experiences, and enhanced error behaviors. As Microsoft continues to innovate and evolve, Python in Excel stands as a testament to its commitment to making analytical tools more accessible, intuitive, and secure, empowering millions of users around the globe to harness the full potential of data analytics.

Get Started

To experience Python in Excel, join the Microsoft 365 Insider Program and choose the Beta Channel Insider level to get the latest builds of the Excel application.

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